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Fueling elite
3-month mentorship-driven program for teams building the internet of our future
| startups
Modeled after the most effective global programs and built by accelerator veterans, the Stacks Ventures Accelerator will bring you exactly what you need, when you need it.

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Month 1
February 2023
Month 2
March 2023
Month 3
Workshops With Experts
Get a front-row seat to learn from crypto experts, authors, and successful entrepreneurs.
Network of 70+ Mentors
Our mentors bring a diverse set of skills from various industries to give you key feedback and push you to the next level. They are your long-term allies and champions.
Access to EIRs
Our Entrepreneurs-In-Residence are Stacks experts, crypto super connectors, and battle-tested entrepreneurs. They function as an extension of your team.
Demo Day With Investors & Media
Stacks Accelerator Global Demo Day will be the online event the investor community can't miss and the media can't stop talking about.
Alumni Community Lifetime Membership
Stacks Accelerator is not just a 3-month program, it's a lifetime community.
Experienced Accelerator Staff
Led by an early Stacks investor Trevor Owens—our team has more than 30 years combined experience working with startups and running accelerators. We've helped raise over $100M.
What we're looking for
Teams solving real-world problems
This isn't your average crypto for the sake of crypto accelerator, we've gone way beyond our industry to bring in a wide array of experts and resources. We want teams that are expanding the ways people think about what can be done on a blockchain.
Driven founders with a proven history
We're looking for founders that have built successful products and services before and that can bring an experience driven mindset to the user-owned internet on Bitcoin.
Projects uniquely suited for Stacks
In other words, projects solving problems that are served best or made possible by the unique connection Stacks shares with Bitcoin. We nurture teams that can get the most out of Stacks and need a high-degree of confidence in their infrastructure.
Teams building high-stakes products
This doesn't mean your product needs to be polished today. It does mean you need to have a commitment to building products that keep users data and funds safe and that engage in responsible experimentation and scalable innovation.
The Stacks Accelerator works hand-in-hand with the Stacks Foundation's Grants program to deliver flexible, fair, and efficient funding options.
Stacks Foundation
Non-equity grants
up to $255k
  • For open source contribution
  • Special consideration for Accelerator companies
  • Grant types consist of milestone-driven grants, community-support grants, residencies of subject matter experts, and various other forms of support.
Learn More
Read about the launch in CoinDesk
We invest in outstanding startup teams building on the Stacks Blockchain.
Mentors and Speakers
We're bringing out the most knowledgeable and influential in our industry and beyond it to help your startup grow through workshops, mentorship, introductions, and tools to scale. Apply to be a mentor!
Founder, Author
Eric Ries
Chief Strategy Offer
Meltem Demirors
Thomas France
Sergey Nazarov
Managing Partner
Albert Wenger
Co-Founder & CEO
Daniela Perdomo
Marc Nager
Director of Partnerships
Wendy Hanamura
Anthony Pompliano
Muneeb Ali
Professor, Comp. Sci
JP Singh
General Partner
Shawn Broderick
And many more from organizations including:
Stacks Fuels Innovation
The Stacks network makes Bitcoin programmable.
Developed by a team of PhDs and top-notch tech leaders, Stacks enables a generation of apps that restore balance and ownership on the web. STX was offered via the first-ever SEC-approved token sale and now a coalition of professionally-run organizations support the development and growth of the new internet.
Real Apps, Real Utility
Stacks apps go well-beyond casinos & games. A wide range of over 400 apps and teams solving important and interesting problems are on the network ready to guide and support you as you innovate alongside them.
"These teams are pioneering a generation of applications and services anchored to Bitcoin, expanding what was previously thought possible on the network and further unlocking the immense value in it."
Casey Taylor, VP of Network & Development at DCG
Stacks Investors
Stacks is backed by Silicon Valley's A-List. The accelerator can give you a warm intro to a room full of investors with a financial incentive to support you.
Stacks Community
The Stacks community is made up of over 300,000 individuals with a wide array of skillsets and connections. They'll be your first customers, supporters, and maybe even the talent you need to join your team.
Founded By
The Stacks Ventures Accelerator is backed by leading entities within the Stacks ecosystem.
Stacks Foundation
The Stacks Foundation's team is dedicated to finding and funding talent. As a founder of the Stacks Accelerator, the Foundation will put its considerable treasury and network to work for teams.
Hiro (formerly Blockstack PBC)
Hiro is a juggernaut in the Stacks Ecosystem, employing many of the key figures that helped Stacks get its start. Hiro brings deep technical expertise and a wealth of blockchain expertise to founders.
Daemon Technologies
Based in Hong Kong and developing open-source infrastructure for Stacks, the Daemon team brings insight informed by hands-on experience to founders in the program. Daemon was founded by one of the first employees at Blockstack PBC.
Freehold is amassing a legion of Stacks fans and followers, helping them organize into a powerful engine for education and growth. Freehold will help teams find their first users and build their brand.
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