3-month mentorship-driven program for teams who want to build the future of civic engagement

We invest in incredible teams building a new generation of crypto civilization on Stacks and Bitcoin. Will you join us?
Mentors and Speakers
We're bringing prominent thinkers and builders active in the CityCoins and web3 ecosystems to help your startup grow through mentorship, introductions, and tools to scale.
Patrick Stanley
CEO, Freehold
Muneeb Ali
Co-Founder, Stacks
Balaji Srinivasan
Angel Investor, a16z and Coinbase
Ryan Hoover
Product Hunt Founder
Amanda Cassatt
Co-founder Serotonin, prev. CMO Consensys
Trung Phan
Writer & Podcaster
Zavain Dar
Partner, Lux Capital
Jake Brukhman
Founder, CoinFund
Preethi Kasireddy
Ex-a16z, ex-coinbase, currently EIR at Samsung NEXT
Sten Tamkivi
Founder, Skype
Ryan Shea
Co-Founder, Stacks
Powering the future of Civic Engagement
CityCoins give communities the power to improve and program their cities. They do this by unlocking a new funding mechanism for municipal governments, and creating an open-source protocol for developers to build on.
The first CityCoin to activate, in the summer of 2021. In three months MiamiCoin has generated $30 million in proceeds for the City of Miami and kickstarted the CityCoins developer ecosystem.
The second CityCoin, NYCCoin was activated when Mayor-elect Eric Adams publicly declared he wanted a CityCoin. NYCCoin has already generated $30 million+ for the city.
The next CityCoins
The CityCoins community has shown strong support for Austin, San Francisco, and Los Angeles to be the next cities to activate.
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How the CityCoins Protocol Works
CityCoins are powered by Stacks, a protocol that enables smart contracts on the Bitcoin network.
The community mines to create CityCoins
Mining CityCoins is performed by forwarding STX tokens into the smart contract in a given Stacks block, and is a one-way process. Miners are rewarded with new CityCoins tokens.
Stackers receive the STX spent to mine the CityCoins
70% of mining rewards are distributed to people who chose to stack their CityCoins (Stackers).
The city's reserved wallet grows
30% of mining rewards are sent (in STX) to a city's custodied reserve wallet.

The city can claim this and convert their STX to USD whenever they want.
CityCoins Community
The CityCoins Community 100,000 strong and growing fast, and is made up of members who are active, progressive, and excited to support new projects built on the platform. Look to them to be your first supporters, cheerleaders, customers, and even collaborators as you grow your team.
CityCoins Acceleration Track
Teams selected will participate in the Stacks Accelerator Program and have access to additional Workshops, Masterclasses and Mentors that align with the needs of the next CityCoins projects.

Month 1
Mid February - March 2022
Month 2
Mid March - Mid April 2022
Month 3
Mid April - May

Workshops With Experts
Get a front-row seat to learn from crypto & civil experts, authors, and successful entrepreneurs.
Network of 70+ Mentors
Our mentors bring a diverse set of skills from various industries to give you key feedback and push you to the next level. They are your long-term allies and champions.
Dedicated EIR For Each Team
Our Entrepreneurs-In-Residence are Stacks experts, crypto super connectors, and battle-tested entrepreneurs with industry experience. They function as an extension of your team.
Demo Day With Investors & Media
Stacks Accelerator Demo Day is an online event where 250+ members of the investor community and media join together to hear your pitch on the next great Web3 application
Alumni Community Lifetime Membership
Stacks Accelerator is not just a 3-month program, it's a lifetime community fostering collaborations and opportunities across the Stacks ecosystem and Alumni network.
Experienced Accelerator Staff
Led by an early Stacks investor Trevor Owens—our team has more than 30 years combined experience working with startups and running accelerators. We've helped raise over $100M.
"These teams are pioneering a generation of applications and services anchored to Bitcoin, expanding what was previously thought possible on the network and further unlocking the immense value in it."
Casey Taylor, VP of Network & Development at
Digital Currency Group
What we're looking for
Teams solving real-world problems
This isn't your average crypto for the sake of crypto accelerator, we've gone way beyond our industry to bring in a wide array of experts and resources. We want teams that are expanding the ways people think about what can be done on a blockchain.
Driven founders with a proven history
We're looking for founders that have built successful products and services before and that can bring an experience driven mindset to the user-owned internet on Bitcoin.
Projects uniquely suited for Stacks
In other words, projects solving problems that are served best or made possible by the unique connection Stacks shares with Bitcoin. We nurture teams that can get the most out of Stacks and need a high-degree of confidence in their infrastructure.
Teams building high-stakes products
This doesn't mean your product needs to be polished today. It does mean you need to have a commitment to building products that keep users data and funds safe and that engage in responsible experimentation and scalable innovation.
Let's build the future of
Civic Engagement, together
A collaboration
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